We always have helpful research projects happening at our center


Many projects are underway at the Lawrence J Martin Heritage Center.

Collection processing

Review and assessment of current collection to evaluate state of previously catalogued items.  Skills necessary are the ability to type and file.

New material processing

Donations made to the center, which have not yet been catalogued, are being evaluated, curated, and stored for future use.

Photograph inventory

Photographs are being sorted, installed in protective sleeves, and compiled into a comprehensive listing.   Skills necessary are the ability to sort, sleeve photographs, type, and / or file.

Indexing of Chicago Title and Trust Abstract books

Abstract books in the possession of the Geneva History Museum are in the process of being indexed.  Skills necessary are comfort with Excel and the ability to type.

All projects consist of volunteer teams and team members are provided with instruction and continued guidance.

Membership in KCGS is not required to be part of any project team.