Meeting Schedule

Current KCGS members will receive notification of both KCGS and Town and Country Public Library (TCPL)  genealogy meetings.

Guests interested in attending any KCGS sponsored meeting encouraged to supply their name and email address to  For TCPL programs, register with the library directly, via the provided link.

The start time for all events listed is 7:00 p.m. Central Time

05 January 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  Immigration to the United States:  Passenger Lists

Presented by Jaymie Middendorf

“Immigration to the United States: Passenger Lists” focuses on available records from about 1820 to 1924. We will discuss finding an ancestor’s origins, various tools for locating passenger lists, how to find images and information on ships. We’ll also look at examples of passenger arrival lists from 1820 to 1913 to see how the lists have changed over time and what information can be found on the lists, including examples of folks held for special inquiry and who were detained. 

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual

Registration Link:

26 January 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  Tracking Immigration Records

Presented by KCGS Representatives

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 


02 February 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  Courthouse Finds

Presented by Tina Beaird

Courthouses are great resources for personal family history. Probate files, chancery cases, land sales, and law suits are just a handful of the types of records one can find in their local courthouse files. Join Tina for tips and tricks to identify and secure these records.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 

Registration link:


23 February 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  Aliens in the Army

Presented by Debra Dudek

Non-citizens residing in the USA during World War I were drafted in the military, and with their induction into service, and the government responded by streamlining the naturalization process for these ‘alien’ servicemen. Find out how you can research your WWI ancestors in records at the National Archives and discover more about their military service and personal path to citizenship.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 


02 March 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  Church Records

Presented by Jenny Warner

You will learn how to find church records, use them to find your ancestors, and solve programs you may come across in your family tree. Many people forget the value that church records can provide in a person’s search for their family’s history. You may think that the only information available is records on baptism, marriage, and deaths. That may not be the case; church records can provide links to immigration or towns in which the family originated. 

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 

Registration Link:


23 March 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  The Illinois State Archives

Presented by Dr. David A Joens, Director

Dr. Joens excitedly shares information family historians need to research the Illinois State Archives. With laughter and enthusiasm, all learn of the collections available, at the Archives and the records held at the seven regional IRAD depositories located on state university campuses throughout Illinois.

Presentation method: Hybrid–In person and Virtual


06 April 2023

TCPL Sponsored: Newspaper Necessities

Presented by Tina Beaird

Newspapers hold an astounding amount of genealogical and local history information other than obituaries. Learn how to find the hidden gems in newspapers like claim day notices, cards of thanks, society news, tax notices, and more. Learn how to locate digital copies of original newspapers as well as what online indexes and abstracts exist.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 

Registration Link:


27 April 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  Online Newspapers–Look Beyond the Lede

Presented by Laura Marshall Kovarik

The lede is the first sentence or paragraph in a news article. It draws you into the rest of the story. For many genealogists, newspaper obituaries are the lede. But when you look beyond obituaries, you will find more information and details about your family and their lives. The increase in digitized newspapers has made incorporating newspapers into your research easier than ever.  This program will look at online databases, search strategies and the types of information you can find in online newspapers.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 


04 May 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  It’s Not Online! The Other 90% of Records

Presented by Suz Bates

Many useful records for genealogy research are not online. How do you find these records and then how do you access them? Suz Bates, a local genealogist, will present ways to find and use archives, repositories, depositories, historical societies, and more to expand your family history research.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual 

Registration Link:


25 May 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  Screening Newspaper Finds

Presented by KCGS Representatives

Newspapers are a vital tool to add interest and detail to our family histories! Share and describe how you found your own newspaper evidence in this Crowd-Sourced KCGS Workshop. (Note:  Although the program follows on from TCPL’s April 6 “Newspaper Necessities” presentation with Tina Beaird AND KCGS’s Apr 27 “Look Beyond the Lede” presentation with Laura Marshall Kovarik, attendance at either of these prior events is not required.)

Presentation method:  In-person only


22 June 2023

KCGS / Batavia Public Library Sponsored:  The National Road–America’s Highway

Presented by Dr. Kimberly Ormsby Nagy

The National Road extended from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois. It was built in the early 19th century to aid settlers in their westward migration. Many of our midwestern ancestors traveled on, and settled near, the National Road.

Presentation method:  Via Zoom 

Registration via Batavia Public Library required


27 July 2023

KCGS / Batavia Library Sponsored:  My New England Research is Done–Or Is It?

Presented by D. Joshua Taylor

Though your New England pedigree might date to the early 1600s, there is often more work to be done–and even a few mistakes to be corrected. This session will explore methods to spot potential errors and assumptions in colonial New England research.

Presentation method:  Virtual only

Registration via Batavia Public Library


24 August 2023

KCGS Sponsored: Finessing FindMyPast

Presented by Laura Street Chaplin

With its United Kingdom emphasis, FindMyPast is an incredible resource but are we taking advantage of it? Learn to finesse its finer points in this presentation and enrich your research. Laura covers FindMyPast’s specialties, searching for records, their Family Tree function, and plenty more.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual


07 September 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  They Lived Where? Tips for Researching Locations

Presented by Laura Kovarik

Once you have identified the location for a family event, you have an opening to create a rich, detailed life portrait for your ancestor. Location research allows genealogists to learn the details surrounding their family, helping to give context and understanding to their lives. We will take a look at location research across time, learning what to do when you recognize the place and especially when you don’t!

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual


28 September 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  DNA Painter

Presented by Kelli Bergheimer

DNA Painter is a valuable tool for figuring out your DNA matches.  Learn how to paint matches, bulk upload matches, and use filters and uploaded GEDcoms to help in your resesarch.

Presentation method:  Hybrid–in person and virtual


21 October 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  Family History Day

Full day presentation of speakers on a variety of topics.  Tours and research time in the Lawrence J Martin Heritage Center will be available.  Additional details to come!


26 October 2023

KCGS / Batavia Public Library Sponsored:  Reverse Genealogy:  Locating Living Distant Relatives

Learn about free online sites to locate unknown living relatives, and even possible ways of identifying and contacting unknown or other DNA site matches.  A fascinating use of technology.

Presentation method:  Virtual only

Registration via Batavia Public Library


02 November 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  Preserving Local Veterans’ Voices

Presented by Katherine R Wilson

Program details to come!


07 December 2023

TCPL Sponsored:  Research a Veteran

Presented by Jennifer Holik

Program details to come!


14 December 2023

KCGS Sponsored:  Holiday Social