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The Kane County Genealogical Society (KCGS) is a non-profit, volunteer organization working to gather and preserve regional historical records and serve as an educational resource for those interested in genealogy. 

During the summer of 1977 the Kane County Genealogical Society was organized from a small group. Since that time, the society has grown into a preeminent resource for those conducting historical and family research in Kane County, Illinois. 

Unique to KCGS is the Master Every Name Index, a database produced from the work of members and friends of the society indexing private and public records. This database, currently comprised of approximately 1.2 million individual entries from 350 plus resources, is accessible by paid query only. 

To enhance the preservation of Kane County records and the promotion of services for both the Geneva and family historian both the Geneva History Center Museum Director and Board President, approached the KCGS in late 1995 with the intent that the two organizations work under the same roof to serve local and family historians. Together, these two organizations have worked diligently to provide a permanent location for the offices of the Kane County Genealogical Society. The office and society library, which opened to the public in June 2004, contains many of the resources identified within the Master Every Name Index. 


The Kane County Genealogical Society has established itself as a county leader in preserving and gathering regional historical records and making them available to genealogists world-wide.  Being a member of KCGS means you have a local connection to the growing genealogical world.

Members receive the Kane County Chronicles the quarterly newsletter; free query publications, inclusion in the member surname list, discounts on publications and free access to the KCGS Library and Geneva History Museum Archives.

Membership is $25.00 / year and includes email delivery of the quarterly newsletter.

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