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For over 40 years, the Kane County Genealogical Society has worked with various local and government agencies to improve the access of Kane county genealogical records.

Records processed include: county marriage records, dating from 1836 to 1906; abstracts of naturalization records, dating 1857 to 1955; census records; and a variety of church histories, funeral home records, newspaper articles, and township directories.

These materials are available in printed form.

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History of Kane County, Illinois  2 Volume Set

The History of Kane County, Illinois is a 2 volume set published in 1908 by the R. Waite and Frank Joslyn. This history is an important research tool and is one of the most frequently cited resources used by those researching Kane County families. The original volume was comprised of 2 distinct volumes, with the first highlighting communities and history of numerous villages, cities and townships of Kane County. The second volume contains biographies of many Kane County residents. Over 23,000 names are contained in the 1780 pages of this publication.

This volume is no longer available. 

1888 Commemorative, Historical and Biographical Record of Kane County, Illinois

The 1888 Commemorative, Historical and Biographical Record of Kane County, IL is the largest, comprehensive historical compilation detailing the lives and times of Kane County residents. This 1100 plus page volume is a highly sought after resource for conducting research in Kane County.

To compliment this important research tool and make it readily available to the local or family historian, the Kane County Genealogical Society is proud to announce it has prepared a fully searchable digital image of the book.

This volume is no longer available. 

Kane County Naturalizations, Book Form

A cooperative program with the Kane County Circuit Court allowed KCGS members to abstract designated information from all the county naturalizations (1857-1955).

From this abstraction, Kane County Genealogical Society members created an index from the 28,008 Declarations and Final Papers, Docket books and miscellaneous records. This publication, available in two volumes identifies the individual to be naturalized, the type of document (i.e. declaration, final paper), and the book number where the record may be found.

From the information cited in these books, genealogists can submit copy requests to the Kane County’s Clerk of the Circuit Court.

  • Kane County Naturalization 1857-1906 (Out of Print)
  • Kane County Naturalization 1906-1955

Kane County Marriage Books

The Kane County Genealogical Society (KCGS) was involved in an ongoing project with the County Clerk’s office indexing the marriages from the first one in 1836 through the year 1906. Four books were printed from this project.

Book number one includes the nearly 6,000 marriages recorded from 1836 through 1866. The second volume encompasses over 4600 marriages of the following decade. The third and fourth volumes list nine thousand marriages each and cover the years 1878-1893 and 1894-1906 respectively.

Each publication includes the names of the bride and groom, marriage date and certificate number. The books are arranged alphabetically by the groom’s name and include a bride’s index. Using the license number and marriage date, copies of the original licenses can be obtained from the County Clerk’s office, P.O. Box 70, Geneva, IL 60134.

  • Kane County Marriage Index, 1836-1866 (Out of Print)
  • Kane County Marriage Index, 1867-1877 (Out of Print)
  • Kane County Marriage Index, 1878-1893
  • Kane County Marriage Index, 1894-1906

Every Name Index to the Kane County Chronicle, 1979-1999

To compliment over 20 years of efforts to make genealogical records available, the Kane County Genealogical Society is proud to present its latest publication.

Features of this work include:
Over 18,000 entries from 20 years of the Kane County Chronicles, the quarterly newsletter of KCGS.

The listing of married women under both their married and maiden names, if available.

A listing which identifies the title, author or submitter of articles printed in the Kane County Chronicles.